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Mini fridge question

Sat May 09, 2020 2:39 am

Hi all,
What is your opinion regarding the best low watt mini/compact fridge out there? My budget won't allow for anything more than about $500, so perhaps maybe not the top of the line models.

If a low watt fridge is not possible without having to spend upwards of $700 or more, does anyone have opinions regarding Koolatron-type coolers? Aside from that, my only other option would be getting something like a Coleman Extreme cooler and then deal with having to regularly restock with ice.

I'm getting closer to making the decision to switch to this fun and exciting lifestyle, but I want to make sure I've researched it as much as possible before jumping in. Thanks for your advices.
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Re: Mini fridge question

Sat May 09, 2020 7:13 am

I'd be really surprised if a mini fridge was more than a couple hundred bucks.

Because of the size there really isn't much can do for efficiency so I wouldn't worry too much about power usage.
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Re: Mini fridge question

Mon May 11, 2020 11:43 am

Fridges aren't rocket science -- don't over-analyze it.

I doubt there's much of a difference between different models, other than features. It requires a minimal amount of energy to keep things cold, no matter who makes it, and you can't usurp the laws of physics. Most appliances these days have to adhere to relatively stringent energy requirements, so you're going to get pretty reasonable performance no matter the model.

Just go to Consumer Reports and find the one that fits your needs the best. Or if there's too little difference to matter (which is probably the case with a mini fridge), just get the one you like best at the best price.
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Re: Mini fridge question

Mon May 11, 2020 11:52 am

Is this for an indoor application, or an RV? If the latter, are you looking for a 12V solution?
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Re: Mini fridge question

Mon May 11, 2020 12:27 pm

Iron rule of fridges/freezers. The more stuff you cram in them, the less energy you use. 90% of what you shove in there is water, and nothing else has the specific heat capacity of water.

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Re: Mini fridge question

Mon May 11, 2020 9:32 pm

This is why my beer fridge is always full. :P
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Re: Mini fridge question

Tue May 12, 2020 12:42 am

Filling the beer fridge increases efficiency, and drinking the beer allows you to fill it up repeatedly. Definitely a virtuous cycle.
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