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This book "True Names and the opening of the cyberspace frontier" is edited by James Frenkel and has the original 1981 SciFi story "True Names" by Vernor Vinge along stories and essays in honor of the title story. They are about internet virtual reality, the implications of privacy, encryption, digital money, and the changing meaning of ones true identity in a cyber age. This is really worth reading. Just to get you interested here is the list of contents:
Preface by James Frenkel
Introduction by Vernor Vinge
A Time of Transition/The Human Connection by Danny Hillis
Trye Nyms and the Crypto Anarchy by Timothy C. May
Eventful History: Version 1.x by John M. Ford
How is he NII like a Prison? by Alan Wexelblat
Intelligent Software by Pattie Maes
The Right to Read by Richard M. Stallman
Cryptography and the Politics of Ones True Name by Leonard N. Foner
Habitat: Reports from an Online Community by Chip Morningstar and F. Randal Farmer
True Magic by Mark Pesce
True Names by Vernor Vinge
Afterword by Marvin Minskey

The book is out in paperback for $15 list.
ISBN 0-312-86207-5

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