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Re: The most amazing movie scene in film history

Sun May 20, 2012 11:29 am

clone wrote:
actually it wouldn't have been boring at all, consider Transformers when they called in the air strikes during the desert battle.

best scenes in the first Transformers by far.

Yup the best, although I wonder why the A10s' hellfires didn't show greater effect.

to the first portion of the quote, realistic would have had the aliens hit from space well beyond our range and none of earths toys would have made any difference, that would have been boring...... or they would have come to earth and shot all of our toys out of the air before impact then slaughtered us wholesale at which point they'd get sick and die because earths germs turned out to be made of sterner stuff.... lol oh that's been done.

the problem with Battleship is that it was a bad idea all round, really makes me wonder how it ever got funded.

That War of the Worlds was a miss, they just didn't put enough interesting tactical scenes. Battleship's makers shrewdly opened it first in foreign cinemas and made a ton. Yes the story was predictable and was lame at points, especially that bit about reactivating a museum ship that wasn't demilitarized. But the hardware was nicely rendered (although for some reason they skipped RAM countermissile engagements and stayed with classic CIWS gunnery). I just liked seeing the modern close-in defenses and naval autoguns go wild in the first encounter. But then I'm a tower defense junkie :)
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Re: The most amazing movie scene in film history

Mon May 21, 2012 3:05 pm

I'm gonna go with the pool scene from Fast Times At Ridgemont High. I'd probably sell my soul for an 18yr old Phoebe Cates. :o

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