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Current A+ Exam?

Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:50 pm

Greetings Gerbils,

Small rant followed by a question TL;DR version is marked:

So about 2 months ago I got a promotion/job change within my organization. Previously I had been doing desktop support for a community college in VA as a part timer (32 hrs a week). My promotion had me move to a different campus, essentially doing much of what I had been doing, with a focus on maintaining computer labs and customer service. It was a pretty sharp pay increase (about a 40% gain), along with benefits and such, so obviously I lept at the chance.

When I went in to do my paperwork, I got asked if I wanted to be an adjunct professor by my brand new boss. It came as a bit of a surprise, really. My education includes an Associates in IT along with an A+ cert, and thats it. I told him this, along with the fact that I had never taught anything before, and was told that the class I was teaching was a non-transferrable credit class teaching the software aspects of the A+. Curious, interested, and wanting to please my brand new boss, I said yes. The grand total of resources given to me was a textbook from 2009 (doesn't cover Win7 at all) along with the advice of "talk to other teachers."

Holy crap, is this a lot of work. I literally do nothing in my free time but think about this class. However, I find it fun, so I don't mind too much. I am concerned, however. I have been focusing most of my class time on Win 7, only lightly covering XP. Since Vista/7 are so similar, I haven't gone too much into their difference. The XP stuff we have done has just been looking at XP in a VM. I have spent a decent amount of class time covering "real world" stuff outside of the A+ (which i have talked to my boss/cohorts about, and actually been encouraged to do).

TL;DR starts here

Does the current A+ test have a lot of coverage of XP? Has anyone here taken it since its last revision in Jan. 2011, when the Win 7 stuff was added in? I don't want to be screwing my students over by breezing over some more minor XP concepts because I am getting increasingly disinterested in covering an 10+ year old OS, especially with Win 8 knocking on the door. However, if it is still a large part of the A+ test, then I will try to put more focus on it.

Advice for a guy teaching that really shouldn't be :(
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Re: Current A+ Exam?

Wed Feb 29, 2012 11:46 pm

Eeeh. Good luck, man. I took it in 2001 - the software portion mostly covered NT4 and a little Windows 2000 at the time. :o
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