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Snowmobiling at the top of the world.

Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:35 am

Not sure how many other Gerbils here are avid sled riders :P. I own a 2002 Polaris 550 Super Sport and a 2003 Yamaha RX-1. Neither of these sleds are ideal for riding in the mountains, so when a friend recently bought a completely sick 2003 RMK 700 Vertical Edge, I just had to take it to the mountains (thanks to his getting himself hurt). My other buddy and I drove down to Summit Lake, pitched up his Arctic Oven tent (most amazing tents ever) and proceeded to tear up some fresh untouched powder 8)

I figure I'd share with you guys a 360* shot I took at the "Tit" of Summit Lake in Alaska where the Arctic Man event starts for the skiers. The last large mountain in the video is Mt. Courage, I haven't worked up the courage to go up it just yet, but that's the plan here in about 3 weeks during the Arctic Man event. ... qfvlLEiKU=

Just took that video on Saturday night at around 6:30pm Alaska Time. Had a freaking blast on the trip. Anyone else here ride, if so what do you ride and post up some pics/videos of your trips.
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