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Trying to find the title of this old SciFi novel

Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:04 am

I am hoping that someone knows the title of this scifi book I read when I was a teen. I can't find a title that seems to match by looking on the interwebs. Here is a general synopsis...

A norse or otherwise northern european warrior is sort of flung around in time and space and ends up among various peoples, surprising them and having to fight his way out of tight spots... i remember he pops up in some kind of european early agrarian society, like druidic or celtic or something, I think he appears among some mound-builders in north america, and I am sure he shows up in an aztec or maya society where he has to fight a left-handed warrior. I remember the left-handed thing because the author made a big deal about it in that section.

I think the title had the word "time" in it, but that didn't help me with my searches.

Thanks in advance.

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