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Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:30 am

<repurposed OT from "Colin Powell" thread>
Samsung loses Japan iPhone battle but gains help of ex-judge

...Mr Mueller - who has himself served as a consultant to Oracle in a case against Android-maker Google - suggested that it "just doesn't feel right" bearing in mind that Sir Robin had dealt "Samsung's number one rival a huge PR blow" in November. There is no suggestion that anything illegal or in breach of any rules has occurred - a point Mr Mueller acknowledges...

And I thought I risked maligning a judge. Well, it looks like they bought him a piffle. And no suggestion of anything illegal, only the suggestion of something unethical. The very description of Samsung corporate practices at boardroom level.

Can't imagine why anyone is surprised. ... g-for.html ... n-the-lat/ ... 8page%29/2 ... al-article ... 9367.shtml ... -satirist/

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