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The Tech Report, ideas for stories and testing

Mon Apr 22, 2013 1:50 am

It seems TR does a batch of testing and we get several reports/articles all at once then things quiet down for a while. In those quiet times we get news from around technology arena and the daily bread posts. I don't have a complaint about any of that, its all useful and entertaining. Just keep up on the newest developments eats up a lot of time and I'm sure the TR staff is always busy. However I would like to make a suggestion or two and I bet several other people do as well.

There are areas of computer tech that just fall to the way side or are totally ignored all together. Some may be bad ideas that get totally ignored for good reason. Then there are the gems in the rough that get over looked for years before they get noticed.

One area I have asked TR to look into is fan based CPU coolers that blow downwards onto the motherboard. You would think it would help cool the motherboard and memory sticks along with the CPU. But I can't seem to find a review that actually looked at motherboard and memory temperatures. They seem to focus on the CPU only.

Another area that interests me is the all in one computer option. With more custom builders electing to go with a micro atx set up, the all in one system seems to be the next step with the shrinking in size of the PC. I am wondering how long it will be before some one releases a all in one case/monitor for people to build their own systems by choosing their own components for it. May never happen but its a possible step in the PC evolutionary chain.

Any one else have ideas that TR can work on when they have the time? Never know what you might learn or find that the popular assumption about something was all wrong from the start.

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