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Re: Bourbon?

Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:22 am

kumori wrote:
drsauced wrote:
Hm, I just sit down for an after-work-before-dinner sip of Bulleit. Can't really afford Scotchy-scotch anymore, but this would be my choice for Bourbon. Laphroig is the stuff, which is quite testicular, but the Ardbeg 10 is tremendous. Cheap Scotch in the Laphroig style would be Bowmore. Liquid campfire.

Edit: I'll also plug my favourite whisky, Yoichi 15.

I live in Japan, so I often see this on shelves, but I've never taken the plunge. I've read that the Yoichi 20 is supposed to be very good but its also around $150 so I've not sampled it.

I love Japanese Whisky. Yamazaki is my poison, although Suntory isn't bad either. Unfortunately, I don't think we have a local importer/distributer, so I only see it at select Japanese bars and restaurants at pretty steep markups.
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Re: Bourbon?

Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:23 am

kumori wrote:
I really think its the whole used barrel thing (and lack of corn) that makes me not really like scotch.

Or maybe you just like charred oak better than burnt peat.
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Re: Bourbon?

Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:41 pm

Not a bourbon fan, but Spring Mill Indiana Straight Bourbon's alright for sipping, ditto W.H. Harrison Indiana Bourbon.

Michter's and Whistle Pig do good bourbons but their ryes are better.
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Re: Bourbon?

Thu Mar 20, 2014 3:02 pm

Captain Ned wrote:
derFunkenstein wrote:
I'm more of a rye whisky drinker than bourbon (classics like Crown Royal or Wild Turkey Rye or Hochstadter's Rock and Rye). My sister gave me a bottle of Canadian Club Classic 12 for my birthday a couple years ago and it was pretty nice.

Then you needs to find yourself some WhistlePig.

/fist pump

Thanks, Ned I'll check it out. edit: closest reseller (according to their website) is in Bloomington, IL. Not too far a drive for a good bottle of rye.
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