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Tue Apr 02, 2002 3:48 pm

I think I am the only 40 Oz drinker among TR readers. Being a 40 drinker is like being in a cult, everyone else "just doesn't get it". There is something so classy about pounding a big 40 of malt.....

Getting to the point, nothing beats a cold 40 Oz. of Olde English 800 Ice. At 8% alcohol, it will send you asunder quuickly for less than 2 bucks. Drink a deuce, and you're wrecked. Drink three, and you're done for the night.
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Thu Apr 04, 2002 12:13 pm

I must be part pirate, "Ho-ho-ho & a bottle of rum!" I'll drink anything with Rum - Bacardi light, dark, 151, mixed, straight, or whatever. I agree with tanker27, Coke with alcohol tastes better than the rest.

If there's no rum, then I'll settle for Beer, like Sam Adams, Pete's, Speakeasy, Guiness, Dos Equis Amber, Negro Modelo Dark, Sapporo, Hieneken, or any lager or ale.

I haven't got into wine, because of all the names and when to order the right glass - it becomes confusing.

I'm an occasional drinker, so I don't mind spending the $$$ on beer.

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Thu Apr 04, 2002 4:21 pm

i'm only an occasional drinker, but here are some cool drinks of mine:

for those desiring to get drunk quickly:
cran/raspberry juice, a little OJ, and as many shots of Bacardi 151 rum as you want

for those enjoying coffee:
Cafe Jullian--hot coffee + 1 shot Bailey's + 1 shot Amaretto + 1 shot creme de cacao

to help an upset stomach (see #1):
1 shot Peachtree + 1 shot Yaegermeister

with chicken or fish:
glass of chilled Pinot Grigio

personal favorite:
glass of milk (6-8 oz) with 1 shot of Kahlua + 1 shot of creme de cacao

but, like i said i rarely drink.

also, some nice homemade Sangria's always nice.
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Thu Apr 04, 2002 8:12 pm

Here's my fancy drink regime:

In the morning, a cup of coffee with a shot of whiskey.

For breakfast, scrambled eggs smothered with whiskey.

Throughout the morning, more coffee with whiskey. Coffee makes me jittery, so just whiskey.

Three martini lunch. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Afternoon tea with a shot of whiskey. Soak the cookies in rum or whiskey.

Highballs before dinner.

For dinner, pizza and beer.

After dinner, sit back and watch TV with a large tumbler of whiskey. Drink yourself to sleep, and start over the next morning.

How's that? :wink:
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