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In-Development Indie MMORPGs

Mon Apr 05, 2021 8:13 pm

MMORPGs have been around for about 25 years now, and the most popular one since 2004 (World of Warcraft) hosts close to 7 million players in 2021. Indie games are taking more and more space in the MMO industry, with new projects spawning every month. I've made a list of 18 of the most promising and popular MMORPGs currently in development, with a few characteristics, principal features and a gameplay video. I've shared this list on some other platforms. If you've additions to suggest or other games I've missed, please let me know!

Dual Universe [Beta]
Setting: Science-Fiction || View: First-Person || Focus: PvP || Budget: ~$25M* || Engine: Unigine 2 || Origin: France/U.S.
- Single shard persistent universe shared by all the players
- Voxel-based universe: player-made cities, stations and warships
- Space warfare: pirate ships, coordinated attacks, skirmishes
- Player-controlled global economy: mining, crafting, building, optimization, barter and trade ... athanHardy

Camelot Unchained [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: RvR || Budget: ~$25M* || Engine: Unchained || Origin: U.S.
- Heavily inspired by Dark Age of Camelot
- Large-scale RvR battles and sieges featuring more than a thousand players and hundreds of siege weapons
- Open world with islands that players can move to strategically reshape the world
- Block-by-block construction with server-side stability and destruction ... StateGames

Crowfall [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP/RvR || Budget: $38M || Engine: Unity 5 || Origin: U.S.
- Heavily inspired by Shadowbane
- Player-created worlds with parcels of land and pre-fab building pieces
- Time-limited GvG/RvR campaigns that guilds or factions can win thanks to sieges, skirmishes and capture mechanics
- Deep crafting system inspired by Star Wars: Galaxies that is a central part of the player-driven economy ... loodyPoint

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen [Pre-Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvE || Engine: Unity 5 || Origin: U.S.
- Spiritual successor to EverQuest
- Deeply social: dungeons require teamwork and group strategy
- Combat focuses on preparation and awareness: players will face challenging scenarios that require understanding and skill
- Perception system: the world reveals its secrets through the environment ... ftheFallen

Mortal Online 2 [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Low-Fantasy || View: First-Person || Focus: PvP || Engine: Unreal 4 || Origin: Sweden
- Open and realistic sandbox world where player houses can be built almost anywhere
- True, real-time combat where outcomes are decided by skill rather than levels or gear
- Legendary crafters trading across the globe, famous warriors studying the art of combat, explorers puting names on the map
- Individual reputation: people will recognize players by their impact on the world ... Lasermouse

Ashes of Creation [Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP/PvE || Budget: ~$40M* || Engine: Unreal 4 || Origin: U.S.
- Nodes system: player participation influences the type of content in the surrounding areas
- Open world housing: players have the ability to survey and develop land anywhere in the world
- Castle sieges with hundreds of players with many moving parts
- Harsh, unforgiving and stunning environment ... ofCreation

Star Citizen [Alpha]
Setting: Science-Fiction || View: First-Person || Focus: PvP || Budget: $350M || Engine: Lumberyard || Origin: U.S.
- Spiritual successor to Freelancer
- Procedurally generated and handcrafted stunning worlds
- Open world PvP with high speed dog fights with multi-crew ships or intense FPS warfare
- Exploration: hidden outpost, abandoned ships and beautiful sunsets ... RamenStyle

Corepunk [Alpha]
Setting: Cyberpunk || View: Isometric || Focus: PvE/PvP || Unity 5
- Seamless open world with fog of war
- Players explore the world, participate in trading, complete dungeons, or engage in PvP battles
- Day / night cycles as well as weather conditions
- Flexible character customization with a wide variety of builds ... hannel=IGN

Seed [Pre-Alpha]
Setting: Science-Fiction || View: Isometric || Focus: PvP/PvE || Budget: +$36M* || Engine: Unity || Origin: Germany
- Players voyage across a persistent, Earth-like planet to harvest resources, collaborate with other players, and conquer new lands
- The exoplanet is abundant with all forms of biomes, filled with various habitats, seasons, unpredictable weather, and ecology
- As a colony grows, resources, research, and construction will increase, which can permanently impact the economy of the planet
- Players can freely construct structures and organize offensive missions to raid other colonies, or join skirmishes ... annel=Seed

Starbase [Alpha]
Setting: Science-Fiction || View: First-Person || Focus: PvP || Engine: Frozenbyte's || Origin: U.S.
- Voxel-based, fully destructible and infinitely expanding universe shared by all the players
- In-depth physics simulation make fights (structural durability), exploration and flying spaceships more creative and fun
- Focus on building and designing spaceships and stations, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, trading, and combat
- Ships are hand made by the players, wired and controlled with a in-game programming language ... el=ZaffBox

TitanReach [Pre-Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP/PvE || Engine: Unity 5
- Heavily inspired by RuneScape
- Focus on a deep skilling system, massive fantasy open-world, engaging quests, and a complex, skill based combat system
- 20 skills offering various bonuses and unlockable content
- Players play through open-world mini dungeons and bosses, as well as instanced raids ... el=Sorrowh

Ship of Heroes [Beta]
Setting: Superhero || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvE/PvP || Engine: Unreal 4 || Origin: U.S.
- Spiritual successor to City of Heroes
- Players defend Apotheosis City from criminals and alien invaders and explore whole new planets
- Unique character customization with countless options
- Thousands of power combinations to form a unique playstyle ... ipofHeroes

Gloria Victis [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Low-Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP || Engine: Unity 5 || Origin: Poland
- Skill-based combat mechanics à la Mount and Blade
- Class-less system with diversified equipment
- Open world territory control for guild castles and sieges
- Complex crafting system: leatherworking, armorsmithing, engineering, weapon forging, woodworking and more ... aVictisMMO

Profane [Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP || Engine: Unity 5 || Origin: Brazil
- Territory conquest: guilds can leave their mark on the game's history by conquering mines and castles
- Players can build small towns and great cities in the open world
- No class or level: combat style is determined by what players exercise the most
- Open PvP and full loot: karma system with restrictions to access cities if the player is a criminal ... eGamePiece

Mankind Reborn [Pre-Alpha]
Setting: Cyberpunk || View: First/Third-person || Focus: PvP/PvE || Engine: Unreal 4
- Eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue and warfare
- Brutal conflicts: combat is entirely skill-based, with full-loot on death rewarding those who master the art of war
- Players forge their destiny as an interstellar entrepreneur, a mercenary or a faction leader at the helm of the next chapter
- A detailed economic system provides the backbone for mining, production and manufacture fueling conflict and player greed ... kindReborn

AdventureQuest 3D [Beta]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvE/PvP || Engine: Unity 5 || Origin: U.S.
- Cross platform: can be played on PC and mobile
- Ever expanding world: exploration of the lively land with new exciting environments
- Randomly generated dungeons that are unique and offer a new experience every time
- Random events: dragons could swoop down, the undead may rise, or there could be an Easter egg hunt ... =GOLDRAVEN

Foxhole [Beta]
Setting: WW1/WW2 || View: Isometric || Focus: RvR || Engine: Unreal 4 || Origin: Canada
- Single shard with hundreds of players: wars that last several weeks and reset after each war
- Players are what they carry or drive: player progression is purely horizontal as characters have no stats
- Three main roles: soldier, logistics, builder, and many sub-roles: medics, drivers, gunners, artillery, partisan, etc.
- Deep logistics and building mechanics: transportation, factories, scrapping, trenches, bridges, defenses (AI), bunker bases ... =ISawABear

Rise Online [Alpha]
Setting: Medieval Fantasy || View: Third-Person || Focus: PvP/PvE || Engine: Unreal 4 || Origin: Turkey
- Spiritual successor to Knight Online
- Full PvP-based maps and events
- PvE content like missions, creatures and bosses that take several groups to defeat
- An endless war between two kingdoms ... 4%B0SEGAME

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