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Mon Apr 11, 2011 12:45 am

Just finished playing the campaign. It's just another CoD funnel with no new elements. It basically had all the typical scenes and gameplay mechanics of CoD, of course they didn't manage to get most of them 'just as good' as Modern Warfare, but they're there.

It does amaze me how developers seem to think gamers all want a plethora of guns (which we do, for variation), yet the guns themselves are not varied at all. It's like they don't understand or didn't take the time to research on guns to realize what, how, and why weapons fulfill roles. Apparently RPGs destroy any piece of armor, no matter what. Tanks, humvees, helicopters, little futuristic gokarts that destroy tanks, etc... It also amazes me how all guns function the same way. In game a SMG, functions like a assault rifle, a sniper rifle functions like a assault rifle, a LMG functions like a assault rifle, and even the pistol functions like one if you fire it fast enough.

SMGs = close quarters, high volume bullets, low recoil, light, agile, and short-medium range
ARs = medium to long range, heavy penetration, decent RPM, and accurate
LMGs = suppression, medium range, high fire rate, very reliable, not manageable while moving (of course none of this matters when the AI just randomly pops up and fires at you no matter what)
Sniper Rifle = high damage, long range, extremely accurate (which doesn't matter when your enemies spawn in 20 feet in front of you), lots of recoil
Sidearm/machinepistol = last resort, out of ammo, faster draw then reload, close quarters (hopefully)
Shotgun = close quarters, high damage, high recoil, not effective at medium range or further (no one seems to get this one)

While three of these might actually have a place in a CoD tunnel (the shotgun, SMG, and AR), the developers almost always give you the same amount of bullets for a SMG as they do for AR (as they do in Homefront) and the spread/recoil/accuracy is almost identical to a AR and vice versa. So you just end up expending ammunition faster which does less damage. That leaves a shotgun... which coincidentally takes longer to fire a second shot then it does to fire two AR rounds and the shotgun doesn't seemingly kill someone in one shot. Not to mention it's completely pointless using a close quarters weapon in a CoD funnel as well, because if you get too far ahead enemies spawn in on you and instantly kill you. Oops...

So, there isn't a long range, there isn't a short range, and you can't suppress retarded AI. Huzzah for pointless weapon selection.

The plot in this game is completely retarded. It makes less sense then even the plot in MW2 or the new MoH. Koreans apparently become a super power and take over the US... somehow... they have air, land, and sea superiority. Even going along with a suspension of disbelief it makes absolutely no sense. Just like using flak cannons to shoot down modern jets, using the Golden Gate bridge as a military stronghold (WTF?), it surviving getting bombed, shot up, and having tanks drive across it and fire heavy ordnance on it. I guess I can't even ridicule it that much because there is almost nothing to the plot.

At least the AI wasn't performing ballets in the middle of the open like in Crysis 2.

I honestly wouldn't ever play games like this if there was something better to play. As far as CoD funnels go, I actually found Bulletstorm quite enjoyable. The atmosphere and setting was quite varied and interesting. Replacing the standard chase scene with a mining wheel that is about 100 stories high adds a bit of epicness to things, plus it had good humor.

Either way, don't play or buy Homefront, it's not worth the money.
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Re: Homefront

Thu May 05, 2011 5:49 am

Sadly I have to agree. I liked the commercial; I liked the idea that the guy behind Red Dawn was working on this. I liked some of the background for how this situation supposedly could come to be. It sounds pretty out there, worst-case scenario and all that, a perfect storm (and then some) of national and worldwide catastrophes that make the US vulnerable. But after the first few minutes, I was just playing through to see where it went and try to get my money's worth. The most disappointing game purchase I've made in a long time, by far.

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