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Free games on xBox live gold?

Sat Feb 11, 2012 10:25 pm

Someone gave my son an xbox recently and it has a one month gold membership that will be ending at the end of this month.

Are there any free games that can be downloaded, like how PSN will tell you that a game costs x amount but is free with PlaystationPlus? I can download some demos if that's all this membership is useful for. Online gaming does not happen in this house (son is 5) so I am hoping to get something good out of this gold membership.

This is the 4GB version and will probably hardly be used anyways unless my limited understanding can be corrected. The guys at EB Games told me that the console will be fine inside my entertainment unit as long as the power brick (which I was surprised to see since nothing except laptops use those anymore) stays on the outside or has alot of clearance so it doens't get too hot. I currntly have the PS3, Wii, A/V Receiver, Satellite receiver, Vonage box, wireless router, Bell modem and all the games for both systems and a bunch of movies in the unit already. Will the xbox have a problem making friends with the heat already in there? The unit is SOLID wood and one door is always closed (wife demands) and the other door is closed more often than not.
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