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Crysis 3 open beta discussions

Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:33 pm


If you guys would like to, please share with us your opinions about the multiplayer, as is for now, in the open beta.

So far i must say that although i see the potential there are still many things to fix.

For example the Hunter mode, the hunters seem too fragile and all it takes for the Cell players to survive is to find a choke point from which they can't be attacked unless the hunter gets in close range. At this point blank range the Cell players can see the cloaked hunter, they hear a sound alarm and if they place the crosshair above the hunter, there will be some red thingy putting yet another label on him just in case he couldn't be noticed from orbit.

On the other hand, the hunter's only advantage is that the Cell players often stop and don't move much after they find a place to defend, making them an easy target if they are opened at long range from a certain angle. Also the hunter can hear automated "taunts"? from the players when he gets close. Which frankly i found annoying after playing CS zombie mode for so much time. Imagine having found a place to hide (like a secret hide out) and all of a sudden your caracter starts screeming out of nowhere giving away your position. The effect is even more infuriating when there are many players huddled together. At some point i felt like screaming "Shut the f*ck up dude".......

Crash site on the other hand, we know very well from Crysis 2. Nothing significantly new there, other than the maps.....and the alien walker (which from the little time i played, isn't that OP, you can easily get away from it).

On the technical side of things, i noticed that field of view can be adjusted only while you are ingame (weird right?), ranging from 50 (or was it 55?) to only 80 (wish they allowed at least up to 90). The weapons are gigantic, taking up much of the screen. Hopefully there will be a setting for it in the future. The biggest gripe so far for me is the zoomed in sensitivity, which is actually bigger than when you are not zoomed in. WTF is up with that? As far as i could tell, you can't ajust that sensitivity, yet. Hopefully this will get fixed in the future.

Overall, having also played the Crysis 2 beta back then, by comparison with the previous installment the game seems to have less issues. It's true though that i only played a little today, so i may discover more things in the future.

Graphics settings seem abundent and with a few on medium, most on high, 1xAA (SMAA that is) and 1xAF, at 1080p the game seems to run smooth enough even on my old GTX 560Ti. I presume that current mid end and high end cards handle the game (in the current build) just fine.
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