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Huawei Honor 5x

Wed Dec 07, 2016 5:51 pm

Hey all,

I've been so content with my Honor 5x that I felt it deserved a mention in here. $200, great performance with even heavily bloated mobile websites, *easily* two days of battery life with heavy use, decent enough stock UI, and great availability make this phone a top notch choice for a budget phone. I'm super happy that I went with this over anything more expensive. It's exactly what I want out of a phone. I listen to music on my bike ride to work every day for about 40 minutes, browse about 1-2 hours of internet a day on my phone, 30-60 minutes of texting, and I still have ~20% after 48 hours. If the phone is idle, for instance when I'm asleep, it loses ~5-10% over 8 hours. The camera seems good enough, but I really don't take many pictures or video, so it's plenty good for documentation and general use (pictures of receipts, instructions, fine print, pictures of PCB etc). 

Anyway, just thought I might save a few gerbils some cash. :)

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