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Asus K55A laptop keyboard variants?

Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:12 pm

On the offchance someone knows...

I need to replace the keyboard in an Asus K55A laptop (though I'm getting better at computing without the left Alt).
Disassembling it is fraught with perilous plastic clips and sticky things, so I'd rather not disassemble it just to look at the raw keyboard.

Various eBay listings semi-helpfully state:
asus k55 series laptop keyboard have 3 version , it is can't Compatible !!!! please double check our keyboard photo and your used keyboard!!!

Others mention differences in the cable, but they all unhelpfully never actually link to or show the 3 variants.

I tracked two variants so far. One seems matching, the other doesn't. But I wasn't able to find out what's the 3rd. If similar to the first I'll have to decide which is right.

Any knowledge or suggestions?


This is a previous gen design, which can be replaced without disassembling the laptop. Why do designs go backwards...

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