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Thermic pads useful for SSDs etc.? --- Or a way to destroy the laptop? ;-)

Mon Aug 01, 2022 12:24 am

Hello forum, before destroying my new LG Gram 17 with the following plan, I thought I'd better aks the experts, what you think of it ^^ ...

I was thinking about applying thin thermic pads to the M.2 drives (I have some hiqh quality soft = compressible ones by ARCTIC with 13 W/mK laying around of 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0mm thickness laying around here).

- The drives seem to get extremely hot; especially when both are working.
- There are some quiet (but annoying high frequency) noises, which I think come from the M.2 drives. Maybe the thermic pads damp those sounds a bit as a bonus side effect.

Problems I see:
a) Thermic coupling to the mainboard might overheat the mainboard compoments in the vicininty??
b) Thermic coupling to the laptop cover might interfer with the airflow/cooling system? (There is a distance of about 1mm between the top of the drives and the casing).

I have an annotated photo (uploaded to dropbox) of the interior, but it says, I can't post links? :-(
Maybe this works:

PS: Any other small components, you could think of, which might benefit from thermic coupling to the (magnesium) casing?

Any ideas? :)
Thanks for any help!!

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