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Impressions of the Gateway m505xl

Thu Jan 15, 2004 10:57 am

I just got my new Gateway m505xl the first of the week . I have got to say i am impressed big time ! :lol:

It has a great screen . Its clear and you can see it from an angle pretty well . i didnt notice any ghosting on any of the games i have played

keyboard is comfortable to type on and is a cool translucent blue color

it has a built in mp3 player that you can use without even turning the system on . there is a seperate partition on the hard drive for the mp3 player . drop your mp3's in that partition and hit play .

battery life is out of this world . sitting on the couch surfing the net with built in wireless connection i get around 4.5 hours of run time . playing games i get around 2 hours of run time

it has a built in dvd writer that writes at 2x it is only dvd-r/rw as i remember .

3 usb 2.0

2 firewire

touchpad only no pointer stick ( i prefer the pointer stick )

i ran a few benchmarks on it 3dmark 2001 score is 9145 . great score for a laptop considering a year and a half ago i would have killed for a score like that on my desktop .

playing need for speed underground at the highest settings 1024-768 with all the details maxed out i noticed no slow downs at all .

delta force black hawk down runs fine at max settings .

dvd playback works well although i am not really into watching dvd's on a little tiny laptop screen when i have a 35 inch tv in the living room .

the only major drawback i can find is the computer was suppose to ship with a 5400 rpm 60 gig hard drive . mine showed up with a 60 gig 4200 rpm hard drive . i emailed gateway tech support and got a prompt reply that they would ship me a new 5400 rpm drive all they needed was a credit card number from me to cover the cost of the drive if i didnt return the old one within 7 days .

overall i think this is a great system very comparable to the dell inspiron 8600 . configured as close to the same as possible the dell ends up costing about 100 more dollars than the gateway though .

more updates to come :wink:
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Thu Jan 15, 2004 9:03 pm

Bitchin...sounds like a pretty cool setup....if my boss would give me a raise...i would purchase another one :wink:
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Thu Jan 15, 2004 11:55 pm

ran a few more benchmarks on her :D

3dmark 2003 2440

aquamark 20814
aquamark cpu 7687
aquamakr gfx 2406

pcmark 2002
cpu 4904
memory 5149
hdd 574 .

the laptop came with a 4200 drive when the 5400 shows up and i get it installed i will post an updated hdd score it should be much higher with the 5400 :D

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