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Compaq, sony and bluetooth phone PDA?

Mon May 13, 2002 11:21 am

I'm wondering if any of you guys have experience with the bluetooth Compaq Ipaq.
I want an All in one PDA, it has to be powerPC with Bluetooth connectivity.
Primarily because I wan't to use it as a phone as well as a standard PDA.
But and here's my problem, I know that you can get the plug in Mobile phone jackets for the compaq, But looking at them they are very bulky, I would prefer to have the entire thing clipped to my belt.
Now I've seen a bluetooth headset/earpiece available for the Nokia/Sony phones.
Firstly, I'm wondering if these headsets are compatible with the compaq?.
And secondly can you 'pick up' a call by pressing a button on the headset?
I have an image in my head of being able to hear the phone ring, and i'm able to pull out one of these small pencil like headsets (with no wire), pick up the call, talk, and hangup the call, all without touching the PDA which stays snugly either on my belt or in my jacket pocket.

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