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Inspiron 8600

Fri Jul 16, 2004 1:01 am

Just wondered how you like this laptop?

I opted for the 8600 in place of the 600m in the last minute... some reasons were... the MUCH better screen (widescreen, better viewing radius, brighter, higher res.), the faster memory (PC2700 vs. PC2100), larger harddrive, a larger battery capacity (72W hr), and a slightly longer battery run time.

Of course... the other issue was if I could handle the extra 2 lbs. of the 8600 as opposed to the 600m... so ... I got my plastic bag and a sack of flour... compared it with the same plus two cans of tomato sauce... :) Didn't seem THAT much heavier.

I think I'll be happy with it... just wonder how games work on a widescreen... might there be hacks to get them to render at 1200x800 (3:2 aspect ratio vs. 4:3)?
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Fri Jul 16, 2004 11:05 pm

I got my Inspiron 8600, 2.0 Dothan about two weeks ago now (give or take a week) and I have never been happier with a laptop. I never thought I'd buy another Dell.....(It's been years since my last one)....but I'm happy as a lark. Just took this baby on a trip to Denver, the battery lasts forever, it plays games, and does everything I ever wanted a lappy to do. Ye, Lickety still pokes fun @ me for it, but its well worth the crap I get. :D This machine rocks and I do't even use my overclocked p4 tower w/9800 aiw anymore. :D

I can't sing this things praise enough. It has way exceeded my expectations.
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