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Bootable CD Not Working on Laptop

Mon Jul 26, 2004 2:02 am

In my attempt to create a bootable CD for Symantec Ghost, I have succeeded when it comes to running of a PC.

Because Ghost 8 uses two disks to boot (the first which starts PCDos, and the second which runs the ghost boot program), making the boot CD was somwhat tricky.

I've done two types/methods of CDs... one simply using the Bootable CD option in Nero and effectively created two CDs (one for each disk). The second method involved using the Window98 boot and placing the Ghost application in a directory in which I point to and run.

The second method seems to be the best (and most efficient, since it uses only one CD). I've tried the boot CD in 3 PCs, under which all have worked.

When it came to trying the CD on my Inspiron 8600, it WILL NOT boot! I tried setting the CD Rom as the only boot device, and the problem persists. It just blinks an underscore in the upper left portion of the screen... and when I strike a key, it says no bootable drive accessible.

Is it possible that the Win98 boot requires a floppy drive (of which is in the PC but not the laptop)?

Is there a .dll or system file that needs to be included in boot CDs to be recognized on laptop?
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Wed Jul 28, 2004 12:18 pm

Have you tried a different CD to see if it would boot off that (i.e. a Knoppix CD). I have had problems with the CD-ROM drive not being able to recognize certain formats, and not the actual machine as a whole. There shouldn't be any difference between using a laptop and a desktop, so no extra commands or files should be required.
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