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Dell Axim anyone?

Tue Feb 18, 2003 3:18 am


Does anyone have one of these? How do they like/dislike it? I've read a few reviews, but wouldn't mind hearing what actual owners think of them....

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Tue Feb 18, 2003 4:12 am

I was thinking about getting one, but got a Sony Clie p150 or something like that for Christmas, and it does me just hunky-dorily.
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Tue Feb 18, 2003 4:53 am

My dad was looking for a replacement for his lost Palm 105 and I told him to try one, he got it 2 weeks ago and so far loves it
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Tue Feb 18, 2003 10:50 pm

I have the 300mhz model and over all...

I love it!.

My only complaint of course is the size. I was looking at the Compaq 1910 which is very compact but it was $300.

I got the Axim for $250 - $50 rebate -%10 coupon

I don't think they have the rebate anymore but the coupons pop up all the time.

It's nice having a compact flash and a SD memory slot. I picked up a 128mb SD card and a Compact Flash 802.11b wireless network card. The main battery is removable so if you get the docking station and a spare battery you can just swap batteries and never have to leave your PDA on the charger.

I am also reading Bram Stoker's Dracula that was included with the eReader.
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Wed Feb 19, 2003 12:32 am

I like the Palm OS-based devices better, myself. Longer battery life, smaller, lighter, thinner.

But if you're looking for something that runs lots of PC-like programs, it looks like a decent device.

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