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To homebrew or not to homebrew

Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:39 pm

Hey TR,

So, after I deciding on the Palm Pre a few months back, I am most impressed with the device overall.

The form factor's decent, interface snappy, and apps place has a solid assortment of useful apps.

As an enthusiast though, stock is never good enough, which brings me to the question: To homebrew, or not to homebrew?

As I understand it, homebrew opens up to a world of better apps, and device mods (I.e. overclocking :lol: ) and looks straight forward enough. My question to you is: Is it worth the hassle/ risk? Not sure if Cyril has dabbled in it too much, but what about other Pre owners? Is that extra 300MHz really worth it? Are the apps THAT much better?
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