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Need advice on an ultraportable

Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:26 am

Alas, my trusty Thinkpad T60 is probably nearing the end of its life, and I was looking to replace it. I loved the fact that it had a great keyboard and was built to last, but I hated how much it weighed (5.25 lbs), and the dim, washed out screen.

I have about $1000 to spend. I primarily use the laptop to crunch numbers, and argue about presentations while holding it in one arm in brightly lit places (like the big blue room). Accordingly, I was looking for something which has a Core ix (just no ultramobile versions- I need the horsepower, and I'm not wanting for battery life most of the time), a bright screen, a solid keyboard, and solid build. I also need it to weigh demonstrably less than 5.25 lbs- it's been nice getting the extra exercise from holding it in one arm for an hour, but it would also be useful to have blood flowing to my arms at a normal rate all the time. I don't need an optical drive, and I don't game. Everything I could find by looking around the web this weekend looked like it had some downside to it:

- The X201 has the horsepower I need, is light enough, and has the keyboard and build I like, but has a dim screen by all accounts.
- The Sony Z series costs way too much money. The Y series has an ultramobile chip in it.
- The HP 2540p has a dim screen. The Envy 13 never came with a Core ix chip. The Envy 14 is >5 lbs.
- I'm skeptical about the build and keyboard on the Asus U35Jc. My wife has an Asus K61Ic, and I hate the keyboard with a passion.
- The Dell Vostro 3300 has a poorer build than the X201, and no better a screen.
- The Toshiba 235D doesn't have a good screen.

Have I overlooked a manufacturer/ model? Am I mischaracterizing one of the laptops above? Should I just deal with the screen on the X201, or do a bunch of curls and deal with the weight of the Envy 14?
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Re: Need advice on an ultraportable

Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:11 am

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