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Garmin Nuvi 260 lost all maps

Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:18 pm

My best friend gave me his Garmin Nuvi 260. It turns on, initializes, then says (in so many words) no maps are available. Seems like its internal memory got wiped somehow. Is there any way to restore this?

So far my google search combinations haven't been effective, so I thought I'd ask here. There must be some way to force it to download maps again, perhaps?
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Re: Garmin Nuvi 260 lost all maps

Sun Oct 10, 2010 7:27 pm

You can certainly download a map update from Garmin's site using their "communicator" browser plug-in, and I assume they just download a complete new set each time rather than messing with diffs (based on how long it takes, it better be complete). Of course if you don't have a subscription you'd have to purchase the new maps (unless the thing is less than about 60 days old, in which case you still qualify for the free first update). But have you tried contacting Garmin support? I could see them stonewalling you, since this is a "likely story" to get yourself a free map update, but if they value their customer rep they may be willing to let this first first one slide.

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