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Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:05 pm

So, this T60p is pissing me off, and I never really wanted a full-size laptop anyway... and the rumor mill is swirling about the iPad 2 possibly being 10.1" instead of 9.7", as well as 2048x1536.

10.1" 2048x1536? Hell yes, sign me up. The problem is, I need a laptop that can hold that display. I also want to get away from the pile of fail that is the i945 - especially if I'm on an ultraportable with GMA. And, it must have a US layout keyboard. A pointing stick would be a nice to have. Oh, and I don't want to buy from Apple. (Hopefully there'll be a supply of just the panels...)

So, anything out there that can do that? It looks like 10.4" was the popular 10" 4:3 size, which makes this one extra hard...

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