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TMOBILE giving up?

Mon May 09, 2011 12:28 pm

Has tmobile given up already? This is a small sample group I know but these three incidents make me believe they have resigned to being taken over by AT&T.

1) My HD2 touch screen stopped working and is 17 days out of warranty. I have an AT&T based phone now but wanted to keep my TMO phone and account active. I called them up for support and they refused to assist with the phone, give me a deal on fixing it or offer a discount replacement phone. This is for a customer of seven years who has two active phone lines. Two years ago I almost left them for Verizon and when talking to the retention people they did everything they could reasonably to keep me and I ended up staying. You would think for being a customer as long as I have an being so close within my warranty period they would help me out. But no.. so I left for good.

2,3) Two friends have sidekicks. They got the notice they would no longer be able to use the cloud services and would have to switch phone or they would lose some functionality. TMO would not offer either a discount on a new phone and they both HAD to sign new two year contracts to get a subsidized price. They both left. One got an iPhone and the other a WP7 phone on AT&T.

This is not typical TMO operating procedure. I guess it really doesn't matter to me since I have left them but it's sad to see a great ship sink...

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