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Best Tablets for Reading Scientific Journals

Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:21 am


I've recently begun reading a large amount of scientific literature, primarily journals, and have decided that it's time to invest in a tablet and do away with printing. I'm hoping that the members here might help me narrow down the seemingly sea of choices that are out there. Here are some things that I think are important in a tablet used for reading scientific literature:

1) High screen resolution with color
The literature that I read is often in .pdf format, and contains complex (many colors, intricate details) figures/diagrams, for instance miscrope slides of tissue sections.

2) Large screen size
I would like to be able to view an entire page without having to zoom in for clarity.

3) Annotation capabilities
Highlighting, inserting notes/comments, etc. I'd like the comments to be able to be saved, so that if I decide to transfer my work to a computer etc, my ideas are still there.

5) Compatibility
My personal computer is a PC, my work computer is a Mac. I'd like something that is compatible with both. Dropbox is very useful - it'd be nice to be able to utilize it on the tablet.

4) Wifi
Just need to be able to get onto the internet - 3G/4G is unnecessary.

Finally, the last things to consider are cost and ease of use. I'd like something that is competitively priced, well developed, and well supported. I'm okay with purchasing older models of tablets if it can do what I want it to - no need to have the newest version if it doesn't improve my reading quality etc (although I'd like the older version to still be supported by the company).

Thanks for your insights!
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Re: Best Tablets for Reading Scientific Journals

Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:19 am

I don't think there are any good ones available yet because it hasn't been possible to build one like that without making it too thick, heavy and expensive. I expect that to change in 2014.
If you need a solution right away, you should be fine with an iPad with GoodReader which has some great features for working with the type of documents you mentioned.

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