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Dell Axim X5

Sun Aug 10, 2003 1:41 pm

Just wanted to let ya'll know I recently purchased the Dell Axim X5 with Pocket PC windows 2003. Dell has finally resolved the supposed hardware issue with the X5 and PPC WIN2k3.

I know it is a little bigger than the new HP/Compaq 1900 series, But this thing comes full of goodies. First and foremost is the screen, It has a sharper image and it is brighter than most of the PPC's I have seen. Secondly, I have both Compact flash and Secure Digital slots built in. With that I can have loads of SD and CF cards with mp3's and movies. I mainly use it at work for my tasks, address book, and calender. I also utilize the wireless CF card on our network at work so I am able to do things like RDP to servers and look at our network on the fly without lugging around my laptop. The last thing is battery life, I don't know what Dell did but their L-ION batteries last along time. I can go a 5 days w/o a charge (I know Palms can go weeks but compared to my old Ipaq I could only go two days). Also Dell added a back up "watch" battery so as not to run in the hard reset issue when battery life dies an losing all information.

This has been a great upgrade since I used to own the Compaq Ipaq 3835.

If you are in the market for a pocket PC the Dell Axim X5 is definately worth a look. Besides for 300 bucks you get both memory slots whereas the high end HP/Compaq you only get SD slot.

This has been my shameless plug for the month. :wink:
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Mon Nov 17, 2003 3:12 pm

I have the Dell Axim X5 as well, wonderful smooth machine :) And I love having 2 slots, so I can have 802.11b and more mp3s at my disposal..
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