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Wed Apr 03, 2002 3:07 am

Hey all. I remember a post in here a few months back discussing cable vs. DSL. Well, I just moved to the San Jose area, and was wondering if anybody out here knew of a decent broadband setup. I'm looking to mostly game on it, but also move some big files when I get around to it. If anybody out there has some info about a company, you know, that didn't screw you over like, can you let me know? I'd prefer DSL over cable, but won't rule cable out. Thanks in adavnce.

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Wed Apr 03, 2002 1:26 pm

If you can get cable from anyone other than AT&T, go for it. AT&T blocks port 21 and 80, limits you to 128K upload and they 'claim' 1.5M down, but that is a total load of crap.

Believe me, if I was not out in the boonies, DSL would be my broadband.

I used verizon in southern cal, and they were excellent....

Best of luck, let us know what you find....

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