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Re: Help Picking New Router

Fri Sep 22, 2017 9:18 am

This is most certainly overkill for you (as it is for me), but for an additional data point, I've had the TP-Link Archer AC3200 for at least a year now. It's have four hardwired connections (HTPC, Stereo Receiver, fileserver #1 and work laptop) and wireless connections to fileserver #2, personal and work phones, and a W10 tablet/laptop.

The range is at least double the old Linksys/Cisco router it replaced on the long range 2.4ghz band. 5ghz I can use anywhere in the house and it pulls transfer rates of at least 65mb/sec, usually somewhere in the 70s. In fact, the 5ghz wireless is just as fast as a hardwired connection, and depending on the conditions, occasionally is faster than if it were hardwired. I can't recall how fast the 2.4ghz band was maxing out at, but I can see my router broadcast from halfway down the block. In the alley I still have 4/5 bars.

I likely won't use the 60ghz band but it's nice to have it in case it does take off. Since I buy a router about as often as a car, I wanted to get all of the future tech built in. Basically my choice was a $50 "hold me over for now" piece of crap, or drop $150 and get something that will last a decade. I think this fits the bill, and who knows...maybe I'll be using wireless VR in two years ;) Also, TP-Link is very good about updating their firmware, and TBH I have had no reason or wish to flash something else; their firmware is very stable and intuitive.

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