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WiFi as WAN on ASUS (?) Router.

Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:00 am

Some requirements given a priori and I can not change,(customers location and service availability) so please stick to the question, not hypothetical suggestions. Given - Verizon Jetpack as i-net access, only WiFi connection available. Need to find router which will use that signal as WAN. Presently I am debating ASUS RT-N56U, RT-AC66U, or RT-AC68P. So may be someone already done it before? Any particulars will be appreciated. Another possibility is to use DD-WRT on linksys router in repeater-bridge mode, but my previous experiences wasn't very successful. Any (preferably) working configurations anyone can suggest?
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Re: WiFi as WAN on ASUS (?) Router.

Tue Nov 20, 2018 1:26 pm

You should be able to plug the jetpack into the router using the USB port and then set the jetpack as the alternate wan.
this is available on the Asus rt-ac66u and above.

I have the rt-ac66u, I recommend getting the 68u or better. It appears 66 is an older or less powerful model and i wish i had gotten the 68u. It seems to have better support for alternate firmawares.
I also have the jetpack 6620l and it can be charged off of a 700ma usb-a port.

I saw a newer one and it has a usb-c and much larger charger. I dunno if it can also operate off of a lower power usb port.

I have never tried what you are asking since my mifi is from work and supposed to be for business emergency use only.
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