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Powerline adapter causing problems when gaming netgear pl1000v2

Tue Nov 30, 2021 10:19 am

This has been an ongoing issue for years throughout multiple games such as CSGO, Valorant, Halo Infinite, R6s pretty much any game that's an fps and is multiplayer. This used to only happen on high tickrate servers like 128 on csgo and valorant but now it even happens on 64 tick on csgo. When i play overwatch with a much lower tickrate though i have no problems. I get random stutters that teleport me back and shots not registering at all not in a game issue related way. Here are some examples. This also only happens on my powerline adapter. I had an old one tp link adapter and it never happened on and neither on wifi. Plugging an ethernet cable fixes the problem but that's why Im using a powerline adapter because I'm on the other side of the house and my wifi is being used by 2 other people and on multiple devices.

This one could just be a game issue but everyone i know who plays says it is just me and when i watch streams it doesn't take this long to kill someone is relatively quick. Also getting stutter similar to the below examples in halo.

also worth noting my old adapter was a tp link av500 and also has included wifi. It wasn't in my room so i never plugged an ethernet cable inside of it but my uncle had no problems using it with ethernet and i played on the wifi of it and had no problems in games such as csgo until I replaced it with the one listed above and was the only one using it with ethernet.

Also when i pinged to my IP address i had constant 1ms but was still getting these issues. I pinged and noticed i was averaging around 9-12 ms but it spiked anywhere from 93-260. It is weird because it felt like i was playing on eu servers with high ping but cmd and discord showed otherwise. As soon as i close discord and restarted my game my lag reduced significantly. It didn't feel like i was playing with high ping anymore but i was still getting these random small stutters alot. Discord cant be the sole problem because it still get stutters like shown in the valorant clips and the same on csgo are when discord is closed. The first hour or 2 of having discord open playing halo was similar to when i closed and restarted but the more i played eventually it felt like every game was just high ping on eu servers but my friends are fine.

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