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802.11a wireless correct section :)

Wed May 15, 2002 1:15 pm

Hehe.. Look at that! There is one.. :)

So I'm looking into replacing my 100BaseT LAN connection with a wireless connection.. Now that 802.11a is finally out and slowly starting to replace 802.11b, I was wondering if any of you have had success in implementing a wireless 802.11a LAN. Basically this LAN consists of two machines (possibly a third), connected to DSL/cable. All are in the same room, but I'm trying to get rid of all the friggin cables for everything, hence wireless access. Does anyone know if I would experience any slowdown in access for the following items by doing it via 802.11a vs. 100baseT?

1. playing divx movies /mp3s
2. surfing the net/downlowding from the net
3. transferring files

Again, all the machines that would be connected wirelessly would be in the same room. I'm just wondering if I would get near or close to my 100base transfers that I'm getting now. I am willing to sacrifice some (not alot) bandwidth for wirelessness.
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Wed May 15, 2002 9:06 pm

I use 802.11b to connect to my LAN in the house. It works great except when you have 3-4 people actively using the network, then it becomes noticably bogged down. Fortunatly 802.11a is 54 MBps, not 11 like the 'b' revision, so you should be able to get greater throughput.

For example, with two people playing UO, AC or DAoC there is no noticeable slowdown in network performance. Don't play many FPS games on the net, so cannot give you an idea of what you would see there.

1. My 802.11b handles mp3 playing no problem with one client, with two you get the occasional stutter. Don't know what the bandwidth requirements for divx is, so cannot give you an idea.

2. Websurfing/downloading - no problem, no slowdowns at typical internet speeds with multiple clients.

3. File transfer is good, 260-270 Kbs to the server in the basement via wireless. With 'a' you should do a bit better.

The more you have going on, the less bandwidth each user gets, so things can slow enormously with just a few users.

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