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Sharing Permissions FreeNas

Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:41 pm

So I am trying to setup file permissions for sharing in FreeNas and I am having a little difficulty. I am trying to do this through the command line of the web GUI of FreeNas. Here is what I have so far:

Users / Group:

Me / wheel
Friend / guest
Brother / guest
Sister / guest

And these are my shares. I can access them without a problem so I know they work with permissions.


My thought was to change myself to the owner to all the shares except the individual ones (Friend, Brother, Sister) I want to still be able to access all the shares with R/W capabilities though just incase. Also I was going to have slightly different permissions like my Friend can't access the HomeVideos, while my brother and sister can and my sister can't access the Computer folder. Here's what I was doing so far and it has not been working to well:

cd /mnt/Disk1/DVDs
chown -R me:wheel guest me
chmod 770 me wheel guest

That would be for the first few folders but I am having issues with the other users logging in. (I can log in though)

cd /mnt/Disk2/Computer
chown -R me:wheel guest me
chmod 770 me wheel guest me -Sister

cd /mnt/Disk2/HomeVideos
chown -R me:wheel guest me
chmod 770 me wheel guest me -Friend

cd /mnt/Disk2/Friend
chown -R Friend:wheel me
chmod 770 Friend wheel me

cd /mnt/Disk2/Sister
chown -R Sister:wheel me
chmod 770 Sister wheel me

Any help would greatly be appreciated. I am sure its something stupid but my brain is fried right now and I can't think straight.
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