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Need help with RDP via cellphone

Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:21 pm

I'm trying to remotely log into my windows 7 ultimate desktop using my windows mobile 6.5 cellphone.
I'm using the RDP client software that the phone came with.
Everything is working fine except some drive access.

I am able to log in, and do everything as expected, only issue I see so far is when I try to access my phone from the desktop's explorer via RDP.
In other words, I log in via mobile RDP with mapped drive enabled, I see the phone's drive in "Computer" as "Files on HTC1", also in "Network", I see my desktop and "tsclient" listed.

I keep getting an error stating:
Windows cannot access \\tsclient\Files
You do not have permission to access \\tsclient\Files. Contact your network administrator to request access

If I go to \\tsclient\Files via the tree menu in the left window pane in explorer, I can still see its subfolders in the right pane, some I have access to, some I do not.
The ones that I do not, it says "file already exists".

Not sure why I am getting these errors. Does my desktop need to be in a domain or a homegroup or something in order for me to move/copy files between the phone and the desktop via RDP?
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