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Music Streaming Choppyness

Sun Jan 30, 2011 6:22 pm

So I built up a Foxxcon R30-D2 machine for dirt cheap after seeing all the sales on newegg. Anyhow, I'm having it act as a media center for all of my music and general data storage. Well, when I stream music to my desktop the music seems to get choppy every so often. I ripped my cd's using windows media player in WMA Lossless format and I changed the network buffer settings in WMP to a 60 sec buffer. Still it can be really choppy even though both systems are hard lined in. I have a nice gigabit router with the latest firmware so I ruled that out. Both systems are using windows 7 with all the updates as well. Any ideas? Also, I'm staying with windows media player! :D
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