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DSL Modem suggestions

Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:04 pm

Anyone know of CONSISTENTLY good DSL modem brand?

Looks like I will finally get DSL sometime soon (6mo's to YR after waiting since 2003) and do not want to "rent" a modem from the phone co at $6/mo. (That,s more like extort... :D)

DSL will be provided by Frontier Comm.

Frontier is certainly not the best telco out there but dsl, even if not perfect all the time, is still going to be better than 500kb's satellite. at more then twice the price.

I was looking at a netgear 2200 with dsl modem built in. But I am wondering if I want to keep my old wrt54g and just get a separate single function modem instead.

any suggestions are welcome!
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