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**Asus RT-N16 Firmware Update**

Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:18 am

Firmware Version
Release Date: 12/13/2011

I figured I'd just make this known to those of you who may own this particular router. So far i've really liked the router and I purchased it mainly to throw DD-WRT onto it.. but after seeing some stability issues with DD-WRT on the lesser D-Link DIR-825 I decided to play it safe with the stock stuff.

The last version of the firmware for this RT-N16 was horrible... the interface was completely crap, the QoS didn't work at all like it said, and wasn't very customizable. The interface probably annoyed me more than anything, it felt like I had bought a tonka toy version of a router, with the little cheesy cartoon doctor in the corner.... wtf was that?

I can say that as of right now, this firmware update made even loading web pages a bit snappier, the interface is finally the professional Charcoal/Dark Blue hues I was hoping for... I think this firmware upgrade might just be a winner. It adds VPN features for running a VPN server also, a useable Traffic Manager, user traffic controls, and full IPv6. Hmmm I wonder if Google was using these routers and that was the reason for the update during their IPv6 upgrades.... (just kidding).

Anyhow, give it a go if you've got this router. I saw one post from today by a guy who brought this router to the new firmware over the DD-WRT and he is sticking with the Asus Firmware. For those of you feeling brave, there is also a Beta firmware version up for this router too :)

Release Notes:
ASUS RT-N16 Firmware Version
Please note:
Before upgrading to, please click the reset button of RT-N16 over 5 seconds to reset the router.
If your USB disk had install the previous download master, please also remove it.

New features:
(1) New designed user interface outlook
(2) New download master (suggested using NTFS/EXT2/EXT3 file format)
- Support web control interface
- Support NZB download
- Support DHT, PEX, encryption magnet link
- Support ed2k URL download
- Bandwidth and schedule control
- Enhanced performance
(3) New QoS
- Flexible manually setting UI.
- Minimum reserved bandwidth and maximum bandwidth limit for each priority.
- User can set different rule for the same port based on network traffic.
(4) 3G USB dongle failover mode
(5) PPTP VPN server
(6) IPv6 support
(7) Flexible on-line time control for different clients.
(8) New designed Internet setup wizard process
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Re: **Asus RT-N16 Firmware Update**

Sat Dec 17, 2011 10:20 am

I use toastman's firmware for my E4200, and can vouch for version 1.28.7489.1 being stable and having good signal quality/speed. The latest version supposedly works well too. Tomato used to be rock solid, but you have to watch using the N builds. ... uilds.html

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