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weird router problem

Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:19 pm

I have a Dlink 625 and it has been rock solid. I got a new Rosewill USB wireless N adapter (RNX-N2LX - 2 antennas) and set it up. I got it set up alright, but noticed that Windows was reporting the connection speed at 54 mbps. I dug around and then located on the Rosewill site that if I use WPA and TKIP then the adapter will be limited to 54 mbps. My router was in fact set up for WPA and TKIP. This set up has been rock solid for me for over 2 years. I have two machines wired to the router and two other wireless. I added the third wireless recently (the one with the new Rosewill adapter). So, as expected I changed the setting on the router to WPA2 and AES and BAM!!!!!! 5 bars everywhere and 150-300 mbps everywhere. I was one happy camper. Then tragedy, as it were (relatively speaking), struck. The router kept disconnecting and not just the wireless part, the router would disconnect from the modem and also the wired part stopped working as well. Two machines were in the same room and had a wired connection to the router. The end of the story is that I put it back and it all works exactly perfectly like before, but I am being limited to 54 mbps on some machines. I just can't figure out how a change in the encryption type would cause the router to disconnect from the modem and also wreck the wired connections. I did do a search on Google and did not come up with any promising leads. As I said, I put it back and changed all the wireless machines back (to WPA and TKIP) and all the machines connect, both wired and wireless and I am not being disconnected from the modem. Any thoughts?
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Re: weird router problem

Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:56 pm

Are you connecting an HTC Incredible to it? I've noticed on two different D-Link DIR 615 routers, plus another D-Link router (625 I think it was?) that it seems connecting my phone to the WiFi network with WPA2 seems to bog down the router, then lock it up.
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Re: weird router problem

Sun Jan 22, 2012 11:08 pm

Possible causes:
1) General router flakiness. Update router firmware, curse QA, etc.
2) Router overheating (only manifesting now due to different usage pattern). You can try putting some air on the chips to see if stability improves. If so, a heatsink may make a good long-term solution.
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