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Network camera - Panasonic

Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:22 pm

Anyone using Panasonic network camera? It is BL-C101A. I setup the camera, could view the image real time but am unable to make any recording with the software which came with the device. I contacted 4 techsupport representatives of Panasonic so far but they are only messengers and their replies were found erroneous or very inconsistent. The last word was that the reason of my problem is that the software is only trial versions and he suggested that I purchase the full version from their dealer. One of the dealers I contacted indicated that the software is free or it comes with the device, and said the software I have should work.

Is there anyone using BL-C101A, BL-C120A, BL-C210 or similar, and who could figure out how to use the recording software?

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