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Work around for a VPN issue

Sun Apr 20, 2014 9:25 am

Hi all, running OpenVPN server (2.3.1) on a home router, when using the Android OpenVPN client via StraightTalk 3g or LTE (underlying carrier is AT&T) I see on sites like that the IP address changes literally every second or two. While I can't be sure why, my guess is this is due to some sort of ugly combination of proxies and carrier grade NAT on their end, but in any case when I'm on a tower/APN server has this behavior (not all towers/locations seem to and when they don't, everything works fine), my VPN server won't connect to the Android phone, probably because the server excepts to see a "stable" IP address that does not change every second.
Without going IPV6 or a layer 2 vpn (dev tap is not supported on Android) is there a way to get the VPN connected when the IP address is constantly changing?
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