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RouterBoard and RouterOS

Thu May 29, 2014 10:11 pm

Anybody use any of MikroTiks newer equipment, or newer revs of ROS? I'll BE honest, the last time I used a RouterBoard was as an AP/Bridge Dual radio like the ones Hautespot used to resell.

Now they've got routers and L3 switches that seem to be reasonably priced. Maybe some of the better features, like NetFlow, ACLs (even on the multilayer switch), Firewalls, Voice VLANS, VRRP, and even private-vlans might be available to the average schmoe.

I'd love to hear what everybody who's "laid hands" on the newer revs to find out what you're experiences and likes/dislikes are, eveb about the OS. The routers are powered by a 36core Tilera, and I have very little knowledge about that chip, or how it would stack up to Cisco's QuantomFlow or Junipers Trio.

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