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windows 2012 r2 slow folder update for win7

Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:26 am

I've recently installed two Windows 2012 r2 networks. Everything seems to be running ok except shared folder updates. All workstations are running windows 7 pro. If someone scans to a shared folder on the server from a copier machine, the scan shows up sometimes immediately, sometimes after 15 to 30 minutes, sometimes after a couple of hours. Also a server based sql application has an export of data that the bookkeeper can import. The import can sit there for a couple of days and still not be seen by the bookkeeper. I got on remotely to the server and could see the file in the folder. Got on the bookkeepers computer and went to the folder with windows explorer, with a shortcut using \\servername\share\folder, and went out to a command prompt and did a directory of the folder and could not see the new file. I started synctoy, made a setup to copy the server folder to the local hard drive. Ran it and the file was on the local computer. Went back to the server with Windows explorer and I could now see the file. I've seen various forums talking about this issue, but no clear reason why it is happening. Talk of SMB 3.0 used by 2012 and Window 8 and Windows 7 having smb 2.1. All of this worked on the old server running Windows 2003 small business. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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