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Good Tips to Organize my iPhoto Library?

Thu Jun 11, 2009 11:07 am

Hey guys: It's almost two years since my conversion to Mac! Loving it. I am still on my Early 2008 MacBook Pro (last model before the unibodies). One of the last things I've put off doing is organizing my iPhoto Library. Under Windows I simply used folders in My Pictures to organize them. I do know and understand how iPhoto works with the "event" structure, etc. However when I imported all my pics from the old folder structure they just all went in there and how it's just a mess.

I can sort by date but even that is not necessarily correct if the photo doesn't have proper EXIF data. Anyway, what's the best way to begin to organize these pics? Into "events" or folders with iPhoto? Any tips you can share would be great. Thanks!
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Re: Good Tips to Organize my iPhoto Library?

Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:06 pm

Just because you can view a screen with each event, and the fact that events are kept in order (assuming the date/time on your camera is correct), I prefer the event method of organizing in iPhoto. You can also easily edit metadata for everything in an event by right-clickign the event. It's kind of like iTunes (which is a dirty word for lots of Windows users for some reason, but it works for me) in that the original picture isn't edited, but it's stored in a library database/metafile archive.

Folders, to me, are some sort of quasi-album feature that makes exporting easier, but doesn't really do anything for the library at large. I prefer to let iPhoto do most of the grunt work.
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