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My 1st ipod touch... ebay..wooops

Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:39 pm

Hi there... So, I got caught up in the moment and pressed 'bid now' on ebay... after I won.. in 2 min or less I realized I missed half the description and got a 1st generation 8gb Touch... it was only $117, so not a bad deal for a starter unit to make sure I like it, right? But.... Is there anyway I can use this touch as a digital recorder?.. I know on the 2nd gens I can get a external mic, it's easy (i think).... and I kinda wanted to try the voIP (just for kicks) I love gadgets :)

Are there any 1st gen's out there that just love it ??? I know I'd have to update, but anyother ways to make it better? Are there really cool apps? Or should I turn around and sell it right back on Ebay and get a 2nd gen. I have now seen some out there for only 40 bucks more or so,,, I'm starting nursing school and really need to be able to record / listen to my lectures... I could get a separate dig recorder then just transfer them over, right?... Help.. too new to the whole ipod game...
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Re: My 1st ipod touch... ebay..wooops

Sun Aug 02, 2009 12:41 pm

Don't have direct experience, but (see my links here) the prospect looks good.

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