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Bring back old Expose!

Thu Sep 03, 2009 1:51 am

I can't stand the new Expose. Yes, exposing windows in the Dock is definitely nice, but:
1) The blue highlight. It looks cheap; it's actually harder to identify the selected window because it's edge-based rather than area-based.
2) Windows should maintain their size proportions in Expose. It's taking me twice as long to do anything because I have to identify all the windows by identifying content rather than going "biggest window" or "one of the finder-sized windows".
3) This is the big one. Expose placement is completely unpredictable. In the past, it used a nice little optimization algorithm where it (as best I can tell) tried to put every window as close to the center of its original placement as possible. Now it just tries to use as much of the screen as possible for window content, which means that occasionally my little Adium contact list on the right edge of the screen flies across to the left side of the screen and is as large as my Firefox window. This is not okay for two reasons: It makes identifying windows EVEN HARDER than it was thanks to (2), and I can't predict where a window will end up. A lot of times when I use Expose it's because I've got one full-screen window and just one or two other smaller windows that I need to flip back and forth between. With the old Expose, I could easily determine the placement of all the windows BEFORE I actually hit Expose; now I need to activate Expose, look at where they are, then memorize which window is in which location and pray that any other windows I open don't muck up the arrangement. For instance, if I've got full-screen Firefox, a small TextEdit, and a calculator, I would observe that the TextEdit window was in the upper-right screen and the calculator was below that. I then knew that when activating Expose the TextEdit window would be top right, the calculator would be bottom right, and the Firefox would be left side. If I opened something like a Finder window I could pretty easily determine that it would be centered, left of calculator, or whatever by its position on screen and the other windows would maintain an approximation of their old position; with the new Expose it looks like doing that will just put the windows in a completely different order.

So in conclusion, this sucks hard for me, and I almost thought about going back to Leopard to get around it. But I'm not doing that, so has anybody seen ANYTHING about how to change this behavior? It's killing me and I couldn't find anything via Google (although "Apple Snow Leopard feedback" led me to Apple's feedback page, which I made use of).
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