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WTF airport?

Tue Mar 23, 2010 7:27 pm

Every computer on my network has a PC name in Windows, yet the Airport Utility shows nothing under DHCP Client ID for DHCP clients. I had to go around from one machine to the next to find the IP address of the offending twat on my network. And even then I have no idea because, honestly, they're not in my apartment. A little bit of a hint would have been nice, and it'd be REALLY nice for manual port-forwarding purposes if they'd at least show the machine name.

Oh, and if you'd fix my Windows 7 issue with connecting to the airdisk I'd appreciate that. There are threads going back to Win7 RC1 saying "hey Apple fix your ****, it's broken with Win7", and while it's most likely MS's fault I think it's going to have to be addressed by the router manufacturer (or lose future business) because MS most likely doesn't care.

Still, keeping the AEBS with its integrated print server is cheaper than buying another 802.11n router with integrated print server.
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