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Fri Aug 03, 2012 6:38 am

I have been a big fan of AppleTv since its inception. It's been a hobby of mine and I have owned each one since its inception. I also have jailbroken them to get XBMC on it for that perfect media player.

This week Apple scored three big hits for its 'little product that could', First a foremost Hulu, on Wednesday Amazon Instant Video was released for iPad, and lastly Sky Now TV (which is a smaller Netflix in the UK). If you look closely all of these are competitors to the AppleTv ecosystem.

I think Apple is prepping to do something bold with this little box and I am eagrly waiting to see what it is. ... nt-product

Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he believed he'd "cracked" TV. Did he do it with a television set, as so many analysts continue to insist? Or did he understand that asking people to spend $100 on a little black box with TV superpowers that gets upgraded every year is much easier than asking them to spend $2000 on a TV set they keep for five?
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