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APC SMX UPS sound levels - 1500RM2U vs 2000LV

Wed May 23, 2018 1:24 pm

The concern about noise levels has caused me to spend way too much time deciding on which to go with, I don't think I've ever spent so much time on a ~$1500 item. The unit will be around people and there is some concern about noise. An existing SMT1500 (tower model, rated for 45dBA) is in the environment and the noise level is acceptable.

SMX2000LV - ... -SMX2000LV 55dBA

SMX1500RM2U - ... MX1500RM2U 40dBA (this would have an extended run time battery added).

I know what you are thinking, these units are kind of apples and oranges. Both units are the depth I need, they have similar run times for the load I will be running (once the extra battery is added to the 1500) and they will be similarly priced. I anticipate the load to be around 1000W MAX (all systems running and fully stressed) and more like 500W typical. I already have the necessary wiring to run either unit, but I don't actually require a 5-20 outlet for any of the devices that would be attached to the units.

Does anyone have experience with either of these units? I have probably installed a hundred or so but they all went into noisy server rooms and I never paid attention to the noise that closely. I just so happen to have no other units going to clients so I've got none on hand to test myself. I realize the SMX200LV is a bit of an odd duck as everyone likely goes for the normal full depth unit, but it has the same db rating on paper as the other ones in the same class so any experience with those would help. The client is OK with them being loud when running off battery, but otherwise not. APC support says the fans kick on when needed, even when not on battery, which I assumed. Just not sure how bad it really is.

I think the only reasons I'm considering the 2000 unit is the extra capacity and the 20 amp capability. These would both be "nice" later on but not necessary. The load concern for example could be fixed by just buying another 1500 unit, though that's another unit to manage and another smart slot NIC. The need for 20 amp doesn't exist, but, ya know, an extra bullet point on the feature list.
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Re: APC SMX UPS sound levels - 1500RM2U vs 2000LV

Wed May 23, 2018 3:17 pm

I've got an older Smart-UPS 1500 2U in an office and it's completely silent under normal conditions. Only when actively using the battery does the fan spin up.

Can't speak for the larger units.

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